Jefferson Salamander

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Jefferson Salamander by Mind Map: Jefferson Salamander

1. Ontario Status

1.1. Threatened

2. Habit

2.1. Adult jefferson salamander live in the soil or in leaf litter on the forest floor. The are best seen in early spring when they move to woodland ponds to breed.

3. Range

3.1. The Jefferson Salamander lives in Canada, it occurs only in Ontario, where it has been reported from about 30 sites.

3.2. map


4. Action Plan

4.1. Help the wet lands and don't mess around with the environment or else it will go to special concern and then it becomes from canada and the world.

5. Pic of Jefferson Salamander


6. Threat

6.1. The jefferson salamander requires intact deciduous forest with undisturbed forest floor and unpolluted breeding ponds. It is likely that habitat loss and degradation, caused by urban development and agriculture, are responsible for the declines in this species in southern Ontario. Extinction is due to chance events such as floods, fire or other.