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What would you do if you have an iPad? by Mind Map: What would you do if you
have an iPad?
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What would you do if you have an iPad?

Consume content

Digital Media

Professional Development

Social networking sites

Building rapport with students, Teaching and Learning

RSS feeds

Constant update with related sites, Professional Development

World wide web, online books, magazines

For researching, Professional Development


Professional Development

Digital Textbooks

Limitation: not many textbooks are out in the market, Teaching and Learning

Collaborate content

Organization and Planning

Syncing Ipad calendar and Google calendar

Different calendars for different classes, CCA, CCD, Teaching and Learning, Professional Development, CCA/CCD

Note taking

During courses, Professional Development, CCA/CCD

During meetings, Spontaneous face to face sharing, Professional Development, Check data and find balancing points of views, CCA/CCD

Audio note taking, Mental Note App, Professional Development, CCA/CCD

Penultimate App, For sharing via emails, Professional Development, CCA/CCD


Assignments, Using QuickOffice or iGrade, Teaching and Learning

Students behaviours during conferencing, Teaching and Learning


With students and colleagues, Using dropbox and/or google doc, wikispaces, Teaching and Learning, Professional Development, CCA/CCD

Links, emails, digital media, Teaching and Learning, Professional Development, CCA/CCD

Mindmapping, Using Idea Sketch App, iThoughts App, Teaching and Learning, Professional Development, CCA/CCD

Create content

Using digital media

Photos and videos, E.g. brainpop, Teaching and Learning

Physics and Math Lessons using apps/games

Angry birds to teach conservation of energy

Finger Physics and Crayon Physics to teach equilibrium

Cut the rope to teach conversion of energy

MultiConvert to teach conversion of units

Free Graph Calculator to illustrate graphs upon keying in equations

Science Glossary as reference and project ideas

Electrical toolkits to teach Electricity and circuits

Mathematical Formulae App

Other apps:

Teaching and Learning

Ensure conducive learning environment

Apps like Sound level to keep classroom noise at an acceptable level, Timer to remind students to be on task., Teaching and Learning

Lessons for future reference


Capturing and recording videos:

For students to revisit and revise lessons

Teaching and Learning

Creating lessons based on spontaneous ideas

Record and plan lessons on the go, can use QuickOffice App/Pages/Keynote

Teaching and Learning

Planning for meetings and recording spontaneous ideas

Penultimate App, QuickOffice App

Professional Development


Advantages of iPad

Light weighted