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Working title: Gecekondu by Mind Map: Working title: Gecekondu
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Working title: Gecekondu


UP Workshop

Roskilde university - RUC



Municipality of Sarıyer

Town of Hedehusene

Sarıyer Neighborhood Platform

Rotterdam International Architecture Biennial

University of Gothenburg

Heidrun Wankiewicz

Frederik Serroen




Local municipalities

Fundraising in general




reports of municipality, satellite photos,

Urban Age on Istanbul and Gecekondu

Blog: Reclaim Istanbul

Wikipedia on Sarıyer

TReC tetxt on Sarriyer

  Istanbul at a Glance (by Ulaş of TReC) "A governor appointed by central government manages Istanbul. There are two local government organizations at metropolitan level; special provincial authority and metropolitan municipality. The biggest and powerful one is metropolitan municipality responsible of major services including metro-scale land use and transportation planning. Metropolitan municipality consists of an elected mayor, executive committee, metropolitan council, departments and companies. Istanbul has 39 official districts managed by district governor. Each of them has an elected district mayor and municipality. These local service provider municipalities are also responsible for local development plans and building permissions. District municipality councillors constitute the metropolitan council that is the most influential power for land use changes in Istanbul. Sariyer is one of the oldest districts of Istanbul located northwest of the Bosphorus. Waterfront areas capture many old villages that became fancy residential areas in post 1980 times. The rest of the district consists of informal neighbourhoods that under regeneration agenda brought by mainly private developers. Demolishing the "informal" *** residential areas created enormous tension where majority of the population born and lived in. Issue is not simple as informal housing therefore for many years local authorities provide services for vote and now asked to go away. Neighbourhood associations in Sariyer are well organised and has developed their capacity with engagement of local and international academics."  

Planning perspective

Academic perspective

UN perspective

French perspective

German perspective

Dutch perspective

Inura perspective


Architecture perspective

Small business perspective

Projekt ideas

Bye bye anatolia



Research base (long term idea)




Skype talk february 11th

Skype names