Johannes Grenzfurthner

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Johannes Grenzfurthner by Mind Map: Johannes Grenzfurthner

1. TEDx Vienna

1.1. Legend

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2. "Professor Thomann, I assume?"

2.1. Monochrome

2.1.1. a group of context hackers

2.1.2. looking for the best weapon of mass distribution

2.1.3. Subversion

2.2. Viennese Actionists

2.2.1. did pretty odd things 50's, 60's, 70's painting in blood

2.2.2. Provoked society

2.2.3. What happened? In those days, we didn't have Jackass Austria as a disciplinary society A society that tells you what to do what the borders are Clear hierarchies The stop signs are in our heads how can you subvert yourself?

2.3. Society of Control

2.3.1. tricks you into believing that the hierarchies are gone ...but they're not

2.4. Viennese Factionists

2.4.1. Austrian wine tavern

2.4.2. Blood sausage made of your own blood I want to be part of the blood group

2.4.3. It's useless to do things like this today on a political level

2.5. Biennale Sao Paulo

2.5.1. Because we're artists...we said, how much cash? in the end, we did it, but we asked if we could send someone else. we created a fake artist, and send out press releases

2.5.2. "I thought your piece was shit, but it's actually brilliant! I heard the story." ...but we didn't know which story they person had heard

2.5.3. Folder to Chinese pressure to remove Taiwan We removed letters from all the other countries, to spell out.... T A I W A N!!! Austria becomes Aus ria

2.6. A non-existing artist, saves a country that shouldn't even exist

2.7. Twitter: