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Josef Prusa by Mind Map: Josef Prusa
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Josef Prusa

Josef Prusa born and raised in the Czech Republic was never satisfied with things as they are. Fascinated with the way things work, Josef would find better ways on how he could improve it. In several cases, totally change to a brand new use than what it was originally designed for. At the age of 18 he already published his own chapter in book by O'reilly called iPhone hacks. Since then he makes more and more uses for stuff. In 2010 his main focus of work has shifted to developing Open Source 3D printer project called RepRap ( and Open Source Hardware generally.

TEDx Vienna


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open source hardware

revolution of 3D printing

we all here about the most modern 3D TV's...

What is 3D printing?, it's simply transfering your idea to the real thing, (audience uses 3D printed whistles)

Your creativity is the only limit, How can I make it?, How can I make it better?

The printer can replicate itself

Why do you need money ... if the printer can make everything?

Product example:, Designed in Germany, Printed in NYC 2 hours later