Tomas Rousek

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Tomas Rousek by Mind Map: Tomas Rousek

1. TEDx Vienna

1.1. Legend

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2. from ocean to mars

2.1. The universe consists of tiny islands

2.2. Once in a lifetime, a species steps forward to take a great leap

2.2.1. Flying manta rays in Mexico

2.3. Going into space is like:

2.3.1. Leaving the oceans

2.3.2. coming down from the trees

2.4. Man kind:

2.4.1. protect the biosphere

2.4.2. backup the biosphere in other places in the universe

2.5. 2005:

2.5.1. founding a non-profit org series of exhibitions a series of visions starting with new bridges, buildings, etc. Prague on Mars

2.6. It's not enough to build on our planet

2.6.1. thus: I started building on other planets

2.7. Lunar soil has a particular particle structure

2.7.1. You can microwave it for 1 minute

2.7.2. it becomes a solid building material

2.8. Artificial Gravity

2.8.1. experiments including a mission to mars AG_Neo

2.8.2. allows people, animals, plants to survive long exploratory missions to mars, for example

2.9. You are part of a bigger organism

2.9.1. zoom out and THINK!