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Tomas Rousek by Mind Map: Tomas Rousek
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Tomas Rousek

Architect Tomas Rousek is CEO at architecture and design company A-ETC based in EU and Japan. He focuses on terrestrial and space architecture, digital design and internet development. He cooperates with NASA Habitation Team, NASA New Media Innovation Team and Neuroscience laboratory at NASA Johnson Space Center. He is also co-founder of non-profit organization Futura Pragensis and presented his works in 16 galleries in Europe and America. Now he is preparing project Vortex for cleaning the trash island in the middle of Northern Pacific.

TEDx Vienna


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from ocean to mars

The universe consists of tiny islands

Once in a lifetime, a species steps forward to take a great leap

Flying manta rays in Mexico

Going into space is like:

Leaving the oceans

coming down from the trees

Man kind:

protect the biosphere

backup the biosphere in other places in the universe


founding a non-profit org, series of exhibitions, a series of visions starting with new bridges, buildings, etc., Prague on Mars

It's not enough to build on our planet

thus:, I started building on other planets

Lunar soil has a particular particle structure

You can microwave it for 1 minute

it becomes a solid building material

Artificial Gravity

experiments including a mission to mars, AG_Neo

allows people, animals, plants, to survive long exploratory missions, to mars, for example

You are part of a bigger organism

zoom out, and THINK!