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TEDxAms2010 - 4. Alef Arendsen - You first….then the world by Mind Map: TEDxAms2010 
4. Alef Arendsen -
You first….then the world
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TEDxAms2010 - 4. Alef Arendsen - You first….then the world

human floats on




Alef Arendsen

privilege to talk here

company NEw motion

create sustainable life

help people drive electric cars

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leasson learned

good things come in three's

work hard and succeed


2004: founded spinksels

java technology


left springsource

moved out software

do something useful, electric cars

springsource sold, had resources

me first than the world

i do what i do and dont care about consequences

Garret harts theory

we should al change now

create lasting change

act in our own self interest

challenge this

self interest



early adopters

open to change

make or break a technology

real and direct influence

promote stuff

you need to have them on board

it need to do what it says it does

love technolgy

early majority

change when its better than

late majority

better and cheaper


only change when they need


motorala roakr

apples first phone

it was not a succes


sinclair car

move sylishly

and not get wet


you need to convince early adopters

4 fundamental desires for early adopters



do it now

true do

these 4 are needed

then it works

electric car

1835 Dutchman

predated, combustion engine

1912: Henry Ford

killed the electric car

combustion engine

didnt make sence electric

1960: subreme vanguard


70 years didnt get us closer

electric cars

compromise kills desire

tesla roadsters

it is there

its cool

it goes like crazy, take a testdrive, 0-60 - 3.6 secs

more desire

there is always more

product is everything

but infrastructure is more important

need more parties, to make sense

new cars

nissan leaf


plenty of cars

accessing a cars

what about, charging?, parking?




solor panels charging cars

satisfy desires

fixing my problems fixes your problems

same holds for desires

2nd livemindmapper

4. Alef Arendsen - ‘You first….then the world’

Alef Arendsen: co-founder of new motion, crate sustainable life without compromise, electronic mobility

electric cars, parked in front of a certain theatre

renewable energy, nice sportscar on the podium

good things come in threes

do something useful

today: me first than the rest

believe in tradegy of the commons, multiple individuals will ultimately deplete the resources of the rest, it's a tradegy

so how can we fullfill this selfishness and still to the best for the rest

my desire is change

technology adoption curve, innovators, early adaptors, make or break, if it matches their desire, than mass adoption, must conquer this market?, need to convince them, fun + cool + Now + true, suddenly it all makes sense, love?, adoption of electric cars, compromise will kill desire, tesla roadstar, can buy now, cool, fun, true, it's more than a car, also, park, charge, under 30', meet the selfishness, what about the rest?, set up a energy cooperative, your solar panel charges my car...., closed loop, fiexes my desires, idea worth spreading:, you first than the rest