TEDxAms2010 - 8. Dr. Anita Goel - The power of personalised medicine

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TEDxAms2010 - 8. Dr. Anita Goel - The power of personalised medicine by Mind Map: TEDxAms2010  - 8. Dr. Anita Goel -  The power of personalised medicine

1. diagnosing diseases

1.1. reengineer process with DNA

1.2. remove bottlenecks

1.3. created generadar

1.4. nanotech

1.4.1. opportunities everyone gets infected

1.5. have access to newly produced medicine

1.6. diagnose their own disease

1.7. example telecom

1.7.1. paradigm shift when mobile

1.8. health care

1.8.1. diagnosing disease outside hospital

1.8.2. via a simple chip

1.8.3. people can diagnose themselve on a field

1.8.4. no need need to go to hospital/ less infrastructure needed

1.8.5. mobile diagnostic healthcare

2. rural south

2.1. nature

2.1.1. inspiration

2.1.2. underlying unity

2.1.3. spending time in nature

2.2. ethnicity

2.2.1. blacks

2.2.2. white

2.2.3. only indian family

2.3. quest underlying unity

2.3.1. study physics closed systems modern medicine open systems

2.3.2. how big is the divide

2.3.3. bring worlds together

2.3.4. nano tech is a bridge bio nano

2.4. einstein

2.4.1. quote

3. Dr. Anita Goel

3.1. passion

3.1.1. worlds physics biology nanotech

3.1.2. a new interface nano bio physics

3.1.3. 3 levels research new science diagnostics product platform bring tech to development countries clash of civilizations initiative

4. Back to overview map

5. nanotech

5.1. life and living systems

5.1.1. deal with open systems

5.1.2. hardcore scientific way wild west of physics

5.1.3. nano motors machines dna

5.1.4. what role does the environment play ?

5.2. bring different worlds together

5.3. harness the machines

5.4. what are the knobs?

5.4.1. tune them

5.5. design principles

5.6. mathematical system

5.7. info processing machines

5.8. dna

5.8.1. new ways new applications

5.8.2. change its function

5.8.3. stretch the molecule

5.9. unzipping DNA

6. loss of feed

7. quantum computing systems

7.1. pack all the info into DNA

7.2. info packing density is huge

7.3. high storage

7.4. DNA systems

7.4.1. read write systems

7.4.2. instead of cdroms read write in molecules access info from dna modules

8. 2nd livemindmapper

8.1. 8. Dr. Anita Goel - "The power of personalised medicine."

8.1.1. nanobiosym ecosystem help developing countries

8.1.2. photo rural missisipi than 2 worlds black white

8.1.3. fell in love with & scrub patients physics mathematics New node

8.1.4. belive one undelying order in nature quest study mostly closed systems

8.1.5. looking for better framework matter energy information

8.1.6. nanomachines read and write information in your dna role environment play? how the nobs are controlling the writing process

8.1.7. special interest biological networks how to harness & control

8.1.8. roadmap for harnessing moters that read / write dna check out this link abstract in notes: improving precision

8.1.9. movie molecule dna streching out through magnetic manupulation talking out building blocks represent process example animation video

8.1.10. nanoscale information storage and retrieval highly efficient R & W into molecules molcular computation

8.1.11. gene radar nano chip technology diagnosing diseases outside the hospital rapid accurate deployable adaptable robust purpose bio defense life scienses clinical diagnoses industr. and agric. biosensing & developing emerging market opps