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TEDxAms2010 - Wim Hof - The Iceman by Mind Map: TEDxAms2010 
Wim Hof - 
The Iceman
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TEDxAms2010 - Wim Hof - The Iceman

Prof Maria Hopman

studying the iceman himself

Wim Hof

withstand ice

hold 9 world records

longest ice bath

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2 hours direct contact with ice

learned the hard way

heart & nature

tested immune system

learn from nature

we're not in balance anymore

have power over the body by the mind

need to be in balance

nature is our teacher


what happens to a human being with ice


how to keep the body warm at 37 degrees

he swallowed a pill, for measuring the core body temperature

under 35 degrees, hypothermia

core body tempertature doesnt decrease

is there isolation?

no air layer

the core stays warm, such as forhead

heart rate slowely increases


1. tummo meditation

separate core from his shell

2. training

a lot of training

started at 12 jumping in cold water

3. genetic changes

need to do more research

how to control these processes

healthy cardivascular system


use a different breathing way

connect nerve system

everbody has healing power

you have an inner doctor

opening up your mind