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TEDxAms2010 - 23. Jorne Langelaan - The new age of sail by Mind Map: TEDxAms2010
23. Jorne Langelaan - 
The new age of sail
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TEDxAms2010 - 23. Jorne Langelaan - The new age of sail

modern shipping

5000 tons

70 barrels heavy fuel oil

per day

50.000 ships

to bring our goods

16 ships

have as much emissions as all cars in the world

shipping industry

2 times as big as aircraft industry

Scheveningen, more dust in lungs, as go to Ruhr area

17000 people died of the emission

shipping emissions are still rising

this can't continue

Jorne Langelaan

Fair Transport Shipbrokers

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90% of goods

transported by motor cargo ships

family of sailor, shipowners

started own shipping company


new age of sail

nautical college

Enkhuizen, Enkhuizer Zeevaartschool (dutch only)

commercial sailingships

propell big ships, without engine, only sail

trip to antatica

struck by beauty earth

possible to use sail power

sail brought all machines for industry


tres hombres

carring, fish, oil

hybrid ship


1. isnt it slower?, no wind then switches to engine, due to global warming, more wind, is advantage, use sail when wind

2. prices?, cost the same since there is no fuel needed, oil prices rises, no oil needed

3. customers opinion ?, clean environment

who is doing it?

not ship owners


people.customers should do it