Web 2.0 and Education

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Web 2.0 and Education by Mind Map: Web 2.0 and Education

1. Collaboration

1.1. Wikis allow for collaboration on one topic.

1.1.1. People can comment on other people's work on the web. Engages People in conversations

2. Ways of Using Web 2.0

2.1. Blogging

2.1.1. Wikis Social Media Podcast

3. What is Web 2.0

3.1. Use of applications

3.1.1. Interactive Sharing Collaboration on the World Wide Web

4. Publishing

4.1. Anyone can publish anything on the world wide web.

4.1.1. Students can be writers and editors. Making personal blogs and wikis gives users a feeling of owenership.

5. From Read only to Read/Write

5.1. We use to use the interent to consume only

5.1.1. We now use the internet to produce and colloborate. Users can now publish their work and read others work on the web to enhance learning. Makes kids active readers.

6. Changing Education

6.1. As educators we need to educate students on how to use the world wide web and how to collaborate with other on topics and ideas.

6.1.1. Teachers need to learn with their students about these technologies. Teachers should not be afraid of immersing themselves into web 2.0 applications.