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Student Web Portfolios by Mind Map: Student Web Portfolios
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Student Web Portfolios


a page for every subject

every subject has its own mind map

include gadgets

include images

What questions that will be on final exams?

Write about what you learned in the class.

Every mindmap is embedded in the HTML of the page.

add materials

Embed a video component that supports your course work somewhere in your pages.


What have you learned?! This is the focus of your pages!

Students learn how easy it is to create web pages.

Students build an e-portfolio that they can build upon into the future.

Portfolio of work worthy to show future employers and universities.

Pages for student reference.

Learn how to collaborate over the network via


Mr. Daniels

Ms. Sunder

Ms. Reddy

Due Date




your brain

web browser

paint dot net



Do I have to make my own unique page/ mind map?

Do we have to use

Why do we have to build mind maps?

Why do we have to write questions about what we THINK will be on our final exams?

Should I post my links even if I'm not done?

How can I convert my mind map to text?

web site tips

If the pages are disconnecting then work on your mind maps and focus on the questions that will be on the final exam.

Type up your notes of what you've learned in a text editor or email and then when the pages are available again copy paste into your web page.

Make one page exactly the way you want all of your other pages to look and then duplicate it. Edit the duplicates with the information you want to add.

Make sure you are publishing regularly!

examples of good work

School page