What are the different stages involved in a writing/ designing process?

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What are the different stages involved in a writing/ designing process? by Mind Map: What are the different stages involved in a writing/ designing process?

1. Proof read

1.1. Many, many times if the stakes are high

1.2. Not really for some texts (like postcards)

1.3. check punctuation

2. Make a final copy

3. Why you're writing and who to/ for

3.1. the audience matters -how high are the stakes?

3.1.1. Included

3.1.2. Included

3.1.3. Excluded

3.2. Contemplate - Do I have to do research?

4. Write a rough draft

4.1. have I got the content right?

4.1.1. Project specifications

4.1.2. End User requirements

4.1.3. Action points sign-off

5. Read and improve the draft

6. Think of ideas and make notes

6.1. -

6.1.1. Make a list of key points and arrange the list in order then begin typing under each bullet point of my list

6.1.2. Materials

6.1.3. Personel

6.1.4. Services

6.1.5. Duration

6.2. using post it notes and putting items in order

6.3. Research - highlight and make notes

6.4. mind map

7. Decide the order and shape

7.1. -

7.1.1. Dependencies

7.1.2. Milestones

7.2. -

7.2.1. Schedule

7.2.2. Budget

7.3. -

7.3.1. KPI's

7.4. Draw up a contents list or headings (dependant on form of text)

8. What are the key considerations at each stage?

9. Laura: I will decide on the shape when i have began writing, then i move chunks around as i see them in front of me.

9.1. Yes, quite an organic process Laura and this will say something abut whether you are a left/ right brainers

10. Jo: I do this at the beginning before i have even started to write, my list forms the order

10.1. yes, you are considering your form, at the same time as content.

11. Laura: once i have got the content that i need down, i then start to concentrate on whether it is written well and begin to adapt my language to make it sound better

12. Jo: I work under each bullet point of my list, and do not move on to the next one, until i am happy with that bit.

13. Laura & Jo: Both proof read again and again, amend, reflect and continulously

14. Lesley I like to decide on the 'tone' of what I'm going to say, this informs the planning

15. Jo: my draft is continuous and becomes the final copy

16. Jayne: I have an idea of structure, formality and language and use a frame, however, am fluid with words and thoughts and constantly refine