My Purpose

Mapping Your Life Purpose

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My Purpose by Mind Map: My Purpose

1. How does your life purpose connect to all the areas of your life?

2. How do each one of these five strengths connect to your life?

3. Contemplate

3.1. How happy am I right now?

3.1.1. What do I like best about my life?

3.1.2. What about my life do I like the least ?

3.1.3. what is lacking or missing from my life?

3.2. What experiences do I have?

3.2.1. What training or education do you  have currently? What training and education do you need?

3.2.2. paid/unpaid work experience

3.2.3. hobbies

3.3. What is in my personal inventory?

3.3.1. passions

3.3.2. skills & talents

3.3.3. values

3.4. Friends/ Classmates

3.5. What does my career look like in ten years?

3.6. Connect

3.6.1. Who do I know? Family Alumni Faculty Organizations and Clubs Co-workers

3.6.2. Career interview Outreach letter People to talk to Organizations to investigate Leading the conversation

4. What are Your Top Five Strengths ?