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Jeremy Kemper Keynote by Mind Map: Jeremy Kemper Keynote
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Jeremy Kemper Keynote


map.resources :users

All about resources

div_for user


shed fat

gain speed

not care about making rails super-super.quick

code cleaner and easier to understand

2.0 dec07 -> 2.1 jun08

6 months

> 1400 contributors

> 1600 patches


Patrik Naik (lifo)

documentation branch

rails core


Rails 2.1

app extractions

from real world apps, timezones, named scopes

refactoring / doc / thiner + faster

making rails beauty, speed, rubyprof,, smaller footprint


merging migrations, timestamps, tracking already applied migrations, cursor => schema_version, history => schema_migrations

time_zone situps, mesage.created_at.to_s(:short), = current_user.time_zone,, '5/30/08', etc..., ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone, config.time_zone = 'Tijuana'

gem dependencies, config.gem 'mysql', :version => '2.7', rake -T gems

memcache, memcache-client blunded, config.cache_store = :mem_cache_store, %w(foo-app-01, foo-app-02), cache [user, :recent_messages], :expires_in => 1.minute

partial update / dirty, partial danger, optimistic locking!

smarter :include, avoids giant (unnecessary) join chains

named scopes

Ruby Test Garden

Rubinius on Rails

JRuby on Rails

Ruby 1.9 on Rails

Rails 2.1 Release today!!