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Win the 2011 District 16 AA Cross Country Championships by Mind Map: Win the 2011 District 16 AA Cross Country Championships
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Win the 2011 District 16 AA Cross Country Championships

Order Supplies


Work Outs

Warm Ups


Contact Trainer for an order of Gatorade packets for the summer training session.

Take Pictures

Varsity & JV

Contact Tom Simpson for Varsity and JV pictures, during 1st week in School  

Paper Work

Distribute Contracts

Discuss with Athletes the rules per contract and give to take home and have signed by parent.  Athlete has 5 school days to return contract.

Collect Contracts

Distribute Physicals

Collect Physicals

Submit Transportation Requests

Distribute Medical Emergency Forms

Submit Request for Food P.O.s


Summer Training Schedule

2-a-Day Training Schedule

Fall Training Schedule

Create Competition Schedule

Create Summer Conditioning Program

Purchase A to Z Program

Cost of the Program is $399.00

Recruit Runners

Visit with Middle School

Visit the Middle School and speak to students about summer training and High School Cross Country.

Create Handouts

Create School Announcement

Identify and Recruit Runners

Begin identifying and runners for the 2011 CC season.


Attend District Meeting

Attend Coaches Clinic

Parent & Athlete Meeting

Meeting with parents during the 1st week of school  


Contact Fan Cloth

Distribute Order Forms

Collect Order Forms and Money

Distribute Products