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Fast, Sexy, and Svelte: Our Kind of Rails Testing by Mind Map: Fast, Sexy, and Svelte: Our Kind of Rails Testing
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Fast, Sexy, and Svelte: Our Kind of Rails Testing


Dan Manges (ThoughtWorks)

Zak Tamsen (ThoughtWorks)



what is?, finegrained and focus, one object at a time, fast!!

avoid unit test brittleness, activerecord test -> hit the database, remove db from the equation, gem install unit_record, ActiveRecord::Base.disconnect!

unit test are for any class (not only models), controllers, using mocks to avoid dependencies of the model, gem install unit_controller, do_not_render_view, views, brittle! don't do it, in the view shouldnt be interesting logic

new way, unit test for any class, no fixtures, not hitting the db


less fine grained

still fast

hits the db, test sql

requires data, problems with fixtures, pain maintaining, arbirtrary use by different devs, model factory (Factory Method Pattern)

for any class, models, interaction between controller and view

speed, slower, in parallel faster (33%), deepTest


classic integration tests

sometimes useful for special purpose tests, performance tests, smoke tests, tests simulating multiple users



coarse grained test


very slow!

writting acceptance tests, encapsulating a page

acceptance test

data access, focused acceptance test, hacking cookies to avoid login page

acceptance test parallelization