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Collocations in IT by Mind Map: Collocations in IT
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Collocations in IT

Collocation - A group of two or more words that together give a specific meaning about the topic which is being discussed.

Verb + Adverb

Non-IT related example: wave frantically (NOT wave feverishly)

Updated regularly

Verb + Expression With a Preposition

Non-IT related example: burst into tears (NOT blow up in tears)

Insert a picture into a document

Save a document to a location on a drive

Add a field to an existing table

Verb + Noun

Non-IT related example: commit suicide (NOT undertake suicide)

Update software

Delete files

Open an application

Noun + Verb

Non-IT related example: lions roar (NOT lions shout)

Applications running

Disk formatting

Word proccessing

Noun + Noun

Non-IT related example: a surge of anger (NOT a rush of anger)

Computer application

System information

File management

Adjective + Noun

Non-IT related example: excruciating pain (NOT excruciating joy)

Electronic mail

Typical components

External connections

Adverb + Adjective

Non-IT related example: completely satisfied (NOT downright satisfied)

Safely secured

Previously visited

Video exercise