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iWeek6 by Mind Map: iWeek6

1. Registration

1.1. Form

1.1.1. Online or presential?

1.1.2. we will register participants on the day of the event as well?

1.2. Online Payment

1.2.1. Sell ticket Online - with software

1.2.2. Sell ticket Online - without software

1.3. Offline Payment

1.4. Post event

1.4.1. Post Event Evaluation

1.5. Limit people per workshop?

1.5.1. How many workshops will be made?

1.5.2. How much people per workshop?

1.6. Packages

1.6.1. Discount for those who buy more than 3 workshops, perhaps?

1.6.2. buy tickets for workshop leaders

1.7. Deadline to cancel

1.7.1. 2 days before the workshops begin

1.8. Return policy

1.9. Paybox

2. Promotion

2.1. Create flyer. Decide on lay out paper size, folding etc

2.1.1. I can help - Mateus Araujo

2.1.2. extra flyer for treasure hunt and children activities

2.2. print the flyers, cut the flyers

2.3. Book a date for distributing flyers in the Forum

2.3.1. book a date for distributing flyers in the Leewnborch book a date for distributing flyers in the Saturday Markt (or just go there :P)

2.3.2. I can help - Mateus Araujo Mateo that is great, but why dont you use the taskbar to put your name on the task? (Maria)

2.4. Compose a promotional text for this year's iWeek in line with our goal. The text has to emphasize possibilities of involvement and open format

2.5. Post the iWeek promotional text on Facebook and otherwise page

2.5.1. change text on Otherwise page- Jurre?

2.6. Change the text on the otherwise webpage, it needs to be updated!

2.7. Link the Facebook event for the iWeek to the Facebook iWeek Community page

2.8. Post promotional text to otherwise newsletter

2.9. Manage and update Facebook community page. Respond to Facebook messages

2.10. Create Facebook poll and ask the community for ideas, preferences , opinions around the iWeek

2.10.1. Maria?

2.11. Manage information gothered through the Facebook poll

2.12. Promote each workshop on Facebook and tag workshop leaders

2.13. Take pictures at Pauw, and with workshop leaders to share them on FB. Add thanks and tag people

2.13.1. I can help - Mateus Araujo

2.14. Distribute the flyers to distributors in the team

2.14.1. I can help - Mateus Araujo

2.15. distribute the flyers to the community

2.15.1. I can help - Mateus Araujo

2.15.2. I can do this- Heidi

2.16. Make list with all day care and primary schools in Wageningen (adress, telephone, opening hours)

2.16.1. I can do this - Heidi

2.17. Visit kindergartens, brief kindergartens' teachers, give flyers, contact them again, make sure flyers reached parents

2.17.1. Make at least one animal baloon - holder for flyers in kindergartens

2.18. Visit primary schools, brief teachers, give flyers, maybe also to children during breaks, if permission is given

2.18.1. Heidi made list of primary schools

2.19. Ask Isow to publish our promotional text

2.20. announce before lectures. Tell people to save the date, explain how to join the team and pick a task!!

2.21. Make a list of relevant organisations and contact them

2.22. Design a poster

2.23. Post the posters at strategic points

2.23.1. I can help - Mateus Araujo

2.23.2. I will hang posters tomorrow morning- Heidi

3. Facilities

3.1. Room/Location

3.2. Decoration

3.2.1. arrange the decoration buy the material decorate

3.3. •Check weather

3.3.1. - if outside: Plan B - tents - Pauw army tents

3.4. Garbage management:

3.5. •Transport for people:

3.5.1. we need to have one common meeting point to go to Pauw together or provide maps to show how to reach Pauw

3.6. •Route guidance/marks:

3.7. •Wifi: there is wifi in otherwise?

3.8. •Material workshops:

3.9. •Sanitary facilities Toilets

3.10. •Treasure hunt route:

3.11. •Music

3.12. •Transportation of stuff:

3.13. •Electricity:

3.14. •Chairs:

3.15. •Tables

4. R.O.I

4.1. selling products

4.2. Get tables and chairs

4.3. Do posters with prices

4.4. Get box for money

4.5. Make little tickts for buying

4.6. Look for people willing to sell products/homemade food

4.7. Set a cashier at entrance for selling iWeek tickets

4.8. Design the tickets

4.9. Print the tickets

4.10. Cut the tickets

4.11. Selling additional materials for workshops

4.12. Set stands for donations

4.13. Sell of sourvenirs (pins, bracelets, postals..)

4.14. Design the iWeek staff T-shirt

4.15. Ask for donations wearing the iWeek staff T-shirt

4.16. Get the T-shirts done

4.17. Set sustainable juices stand and materials

4.18. Look for people for explanining about the sustainable juices

4.19. Look for people for face painting

4.20. Set stand for face painting (mirrow, water?)

5. Motivation

5.1. Organise weekly meeting

5.1.1. Host of meeting 5: week 6-12th June

5.1.2. Host of meeting 6: week 13-19

5.1.3. Host of meeting 7: week 20-26

5.1.4. Brave host of the hotest meeting, meeting 8: week 27th June -3rd of july

5.2. Find bands to play live during the iWeek

5.2.1. I can help - Mateus Araujo

5.2.2. Go to Hof festival, approach bands playing there and see if they can play at the iWeek

5.3. Task for all: Value input from participants and volunteers  and let go of control

5.4. Emphasize possibilities of involvement and open format in promotion

5.5. Find volunteers with cars and ask for availability during the iWeek, to carry stuff

5.6. Print business cards for workshop leaders, workshop coordinators, and volunteers.

5.6.1. Buy clip style name tag holders for everyone. This way they can put one of their cards during the i-week and people can see who is, for example, the mushroom cultivation workshop coordinator

5.7. Certificates for people involved (also participants)

5.7.1. Find a certificate template..

5.7.2. Insert names of people involved and functions,

5.7.3. stamp them with otherwise stamp and let the board sign them.

5.7.4. Explain to participants they are going to get one at the end.

5.7.5. Print them

5.7.6. Distribute them

5.8. Brief the volunteers who distribute lottery coupons

5.8.1. what to say when describing the iWeek

5.8.2. ask them to give the flyers also

5.8.3. Ask them to collect jars

5.8.4. ask them to note facebook contacts/emails of people interested to participate/volunteer

5.8.5. Explain to people how they can take a task from the online iWeek6 boardgame (this is the task map you are looking at)

5.9. Plant joint events with relevant groups this month and see how we can join forces (e.g. Boeregroep, Student Farm Wageningen, Stichting RUM, Thuis, Green Office Wageningen

5.10. Propose at least 3 different slogans

5.11. Mention people involved in the iWeek6 by tagging them in our posts and comments, that way their friends are also reached

5.12. Form responsibilities and clear tasks that have to be published and clearly stated in this boardgame. Tasks published here should have the following information:

5.12.1. name of the person who published the task (ifor clarifying questions)

5.12.2. name of the person(s) working on the task

5.12.3. availability and mastery of the person(s) working on the task (this should be color coded : green for a person that has the skills required for the task and the time to pull it through, red for someone that has the time and motivation to do it, but does not have the necessary skills -so is still a learner, and black for someone that has the mastery but not the time to carry it through, so who is only available for advice device a more understandable way of explaining this to volunteers that my previous lengthy note :P

5.12.4. contact of the person(s) that are on the task (Facebook, email, telephone)

5.12.5. how many people are needed to carry it through (/)

6. Catering

6.1. Drinks:

6.1.1. Do we buy it by ourselves? then we need a car!!

6.2. Lunch:

6.3. Dinner

6.4. Food: decide on catering

6.5. ask volunteers to prepare food

6.6. decide what kind of food we provide

6.7. where do we get it from

6.8. buy food

6.9. sell the food

6.10. clean the place afterwards

6.11. Food line up’ if there are no volunteers

6.12. Edible cutlery and cups etc?

6.12.1. I will try to buy them, but need info about number of participants first- Heidi

6.13. Breakfast

7. Workshops

7.1. Ask invited workshop leaders to confirm or not, and commit

7.2. Invite workshop leaders and ask them to check their agendas for these dates, explain iWeek6 theme and style (interactive, playful)

7.3. Interview workshop leaders that commited. View the note on this task for the interview list. Workshop coordinators should ask me for the link to the interview list on dropbox when they do not have it.

7.4. Designate workshop coordinators. Keep in touch with workshop leaders and make sure they feel supported (question, resources). Further, tasks of workshop coordinators include:

7.4.1. During the i-week: Contact workshop leaders you were assigned with and make sure everything is in place. ("Do you have everything you need? Do you know where to find me?")         If not here, give your tasks to someone else

7.4.2. Help people find the place of the workshop

7.5. Write a short description for each workshop, based on the interview in a uniform style

7.6. Interralate-bridge the workshops with treasure hunt or other ways

7.7. Arrange where and when will each workshop take place. Check if workshop leaders and other resources can be there then and divide tasks as needed.

7.8. Build a program with times and places where each workshop will be held for internal use (to build treasure hunt on) or external use (publish online + booklet)

7.9. Financial administration of workshops (overview of the input given by workshop coordinators)

7.10. Get financial overview and get gift voucher for workshop leaders and band members if ad to the amount that is possible

7.11. Make clear (on published materials) for which workshops pre-registration is necessary

7.12. Build a program with times and places where each workshop will be held for internal use (to build treasure hunt on) or external use (publish online+booklet)

7.13. Look for workshop leaders on bottom up defined topics (through Facebook poll)

8. Activities for children

8.1. Treasure hunt

8.1.1. devising clues connecting places which combined reveal the treasure place

8.1.2. write little fairy tale in Dutch

8.1.3. singing lollipop making a huge fake lollipop

8.1.4. murga dancing organiser drumers organiser

8.1.5. dwarf act (2 people)

8.1.6. puppet show

8.1.7. games puzzles quizzes (all green living related)

8.1.8. Supreme court of animals

8.1.9. slackline performance manager

8.2. Juggling Workshop

8.3. Ice cream making workshop

8.4. cooking workshop

8.5. strawberry growing workshop

8.6. seed bombs

8.7. soap bubbles

8.8. slackline workshop

8.9. musical tramboline

8.10. face painting

8.11. glitter tattoos

8.12. swimming pools (Droevendaal)