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Worldpay Templates by Mind Map: Worldpay Templates

1. example pages

1.1. UK

1.1.1. landing page

1.1.2. product page

1.2. Global

1.2.1. product page 1

1.2.2. product page 2

2. H1 can only be applied in one of two places on any page

2.1. Each page should contain only one H1 tagged field

2.2. H1 tag is applied to Page Title field by default

2.3. H1 tag can also optionally be applied to Hero Widget Title field

2.4. If page title is made 'invisible' it is no longer tagged with H1

2.5. Page editor needs to remember to make Page Title invisible (disable H1 tag) when applying H1 to Hero Widget Title

2.6. We can build a javascript page header checker to show if multiple H1 tags are present on a page and display warning to the page editor on node save

2.7. Problem: we have no way of knowing which pages have Page Title set as H1, which pages have Widget Title set as H1 and which pages have both set as H1 - this makes re-skin of these pages difficult later.

3. reveal headers

3.1. (function ($) { $('h1').prepend('H1:').css({ background: "#ccc", color: "red" }); $('h2').prepend('H2:').css({ background: "#ccc", color: "blue" }); $('h3').prepend('H3:').css({ background: "#ccc", color: "green" }); $('img:not([title],[alt])').css({border:"solid 2px red"}); })(jQuery);

4. Widget 2

4.1. Content widget used in a banner

4.2. has h3

4.3. needs to be reviewed so that it does not use a header when there is a page title

5. roles

5.1. tech author

5.1.1. exernal guides

5.2. demandgen

5.2.1. events

5.3. PR

5.3.1. press releasess

5.4. editor

5.5. admin

5.6. remove region roles