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Assessment by Mind Map: Assessment

1. Formative Assessment

1.1. Formative Assessment Cycle: gather evidence of learning, evaluate evidence, feedback, and adjust instruction

1.2. Definition: the process of gathering evidence of student learning

1.3. Types of feedback : Goal directed Scaffolded Self- Referenced Standard referenced Norm Referenced

1.4. The nature of the feedback Amount Timing Mode Audience Type of Task

1.5. examples of performance assessments : every six weeks test, chapter test

2. Summative Assessment

2.1. Definition: assessments given at the end of a long chunk of learning to assess the outcome of a program

2.2. Preparing students for summative assessments: test length, test format, types of questions, and review

2.3. Conducting Summative assessments: When should they be scheduled When should they be created

2.4. Creating Summative Assessments: Assessment Directions Physical Layout Arrangement Items

2.5. Examples of Summative Assessments: Standardized testing, Final Exams, Major Cumulative Projectss