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Tom Sawyer Cast of Characters by Mind Map: Tom Sawyer
Cast of Characters
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Tom Sawyer Cast of Characters

Joe Harper

Tom Sawyer's closest friend

Aunt Polly

Tom's Aunt and legal guardian


Tom's younger brother


Tom's Cousin

Amy Lawrence

Tom's former girlfriend

Alfred Temple

New boy in town

Judge Thatcher

New Judge in town

Becky Thatcher

New girl in town that Tom likes

Widow Douglas

Wealthiest person in town

The Welshman

instrumental in saving Widow Douglas

Huckleberry Finn

Son of the town drunk


Injun Joe

Villain and essence of evil

Doctor Robinson

Young doctor in town

Muff Potter

Harmless drunk

Mr. Dobbins


Mr. Walters

Sunday school superintendent

Rev. Mr. Sprague

Pastor of the town church