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Bussiness by Mind Map: Bussiness

1. adsense

1.1. viral content and facebook ads

2. Youtube ads or cpa

2.1. youtube videos and advertising

2.2. Cpa + youtube ( i think it's something booring )

3. Dropshipping

3.1. Looking target people and the exact product

3.2. costs and margin profits

3.3. we will use facebook ads as a facebook platform to target people ( Morocco )

4. Amazon affiliate

4.1. need of a host and domain names

4.2. review articles ( we can buy them from fiverr or any other websites )

4.3. we have to learn Seo if we want to get starting in it

4.4. also we will use social platform like twitter and pinterst and instagram

5. branding 'Lkhaleeej'

5.1. Recipes

5.2. Health and fitness

5.3. Traveling

5.3.1. Places to travel

5.3.2. we can use as an advertising platform  hotelcombined

5.4. Games news

5.4.1. Play a game online

5.4.2. we can do a forum to help people solving there problem or Passing some games in arabic

5.5. what i Need to start !

5.5.1. Hosting + Domains ( 20$)

5.5.2. arabic articles

5.5.3. Social ads Facebook ( include facebook ads ) youtube twitter Pinterest and instagram

5.5.4. Goals Never Give up Number of visitors of day income number of articles number of social pages likes