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chemistry by Mind Map: chemistry

1. atom:this connects to chemistry because it is "the basic unit of a chemical reaction."

2. ion: ion connects to atom because an ion is an atom where electrons total number isnt equal to amount of protons.

3. polyatomic: This can connect to atom because a polyatomic ion is made up of two or more atoms

4. Covalent bonds: A covalent bond involves the sharing of electron pairs between atoms. Just like in a polyatomic ion.

5. Attraction: this connects to covalent bond because in a covalent bond, because there is a stable force of ATTRACTIVE and repulsive forces between the atoms

6. periodic: this can connect to chemistry because it is the most fundamental thing in chemistry. without the periodic table of elements we would not be able to do much in chemistry. This can also connect to atom because elements are made of atoms.

7. Bond: this connects to attraction because when there is an attraction, a bond is created.

8. Stoichiometry: this connects to chemistry because it is a unit in chemistry in which "it involves using relationships between reactants and/or products in a chemical reaction to determine quantitative data."

9. equation: this connects to stoichiometry because an equation is just a written representation of chemical reaction.

10. equilibrium: this connects to chemical equations because there has to be an equlibrium between the reactants and the product.

11. avogadros number: this connects to stoichiometry because avogadros number is the amount of atoms or molecules that are in one mole and is used on both stoichiometry and also in equations, this number is used.

12. Mole: mole is connected to avogadros number because a one mole is equal to 6.23x10^23

13. molecule: thid connects to atom because a molecule is just a group of atoms bounded together and therefore, relates to a molecule.

14. ionic bound: this can connect to periodic/periodic table because ionic bonds are made up of a metal and a non-metal which are groups in the periodic table

15. limiting: the reason as to why limiting connects to mole because to find the limiting reagent, you can look at the number of moles on each reactant.

16. reactant: in an equation, there is a reaction and a reactant is basically a substance that changes during a reaction, which occurs within an equation.

17. gas: this is one of the four states of matter. this connects to molecule because gas is composed of molecules in "constant random motion."

18. beaker: beaker can connect to chemistry because it is a measurment tool used in labs to grams and/or liters.

19. liter: liter connects to both beaker and equation because in equation, this can be a product or reactant measurment, meanwhile for beaker because this where it a product can be measured in.

20. gram: connects to beaker because it can be measured there and also again to equation because grams can be found in an equation.

21. anion: it connects to ionic bond because in ionic bound, the nonmetal accepts electrons to become a negatively charged anion.

22. cation: this connects to ionic bond because in this type of bond, the metal element loses electrons to become a positively charged cation.