Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance by Mind Map: Quality Assurance

1. Modularistic Approach

1.1. Pre-determined and precisely managed

1.2. Departmental Approach

1.2.1. Isolation and pre-generated assumptions

2. Holistic Approach

2.1. Holistic framework and competencies

2.2. Quality culture

2.2.1. Individual values Personal Gain Performance review - connection to whole system, self as part of the system

2.2.2. Organizational values Strategic plan - student success and well-being Clearly defined graduate profile - thoughtful and attainable learning objectives Teaching/learning focus - Rewarding excellence

2.2.3. Quality management instruments and systems Regular program review cycles - stakeholder participation Stakeholder consultation - students, class representatives, faculty delegates Feedback - students, instructors Performance and content standards Organizational audits Outcome measures and framework - immediate, intermediate, and ultimate outcomes

3. Accreditation

3.1. Independent reviews - accountability

3.2. Reporting

3.3. System-wide analysis

3.4. Credibility and mastery

3.5. formalization

4. Policy and Procedure

4.1. Formal and informal grievance processes

4.2. Conflict resolution offices

4.3. Timeline and implications

4.4. Written and unwritten

5. Professional Capacity Building

5.1. Strong inductions

5.2. Professional development

5.3. Competencies