Blue Bowl by Jane Kenyon

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Blue Bowl by Jane Kenyon by Mind Map: Blue Bowl by Jane Kenyon

1. Evidence

1.1. Word choice

1.1.1. -list of day to day tasks

1.2. Imagery

1.2.1. -primitive burial -robin

1.3. Sound

1.3.1. -internal rhyme, lots of internal rhyme: bowl, hole, toes, noes.  "Oh" sound is significant.

1.4. Structure

1.4.1. -shift in the middle out of story of poem

2. Meaning

2.1. Surface

2.1.1. This is a poem about burying a beloved pet and feeling sad.

2.2. Deeper

2.2.1. This poem is really about the feelings we all experience and we try to cope with loss.

3. Personal Connection to Theme

4. Universality of Theme

5. Why poetry?