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page tite: Human Tissue Procurement and Samples   Bogdan: Page Title is changed! Bogdan: But what You mean Page Title? - Title of Article wich now is "Reliable Human Tissue Procurement Services" - or Title of site - see top of Browser window   Bogdan: This task is made, too! You use now standart view for Homepage! It can be chanched to Article View! And I sow that Article title now is formated too H1! But H1 must be present only once on web page I think! Tell me if You whant to correct this issue!

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Tissue collection

Sample types

Delivery Expertise

Header: Cusomtized Human Tissue Collection Services

Bogdan: What You mean Header? - Name of sait, html title for home page or somethink else   (paris): header above homepage text Bogdan: Ok. It's set up!

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Test Wordpress for Joomla component:   Bogdan: Did You bye this componnent?

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Human tissue services

Solid tumor

Hematological malignancies

Bio fluids

Inflamatory diseases

Metabolic disorders

Normal tissue

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Sample preparation

Fresh samples

Frozen samples

FFPE blocks



Regulatory compliance

European compliance

FDA guidance


US delivery

Europe delivery

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Careers (?)

Management team

need headshots and bios of management.   Bogdan: Images are retouched and updated!



Tissue Request