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Shah Widjaja by Mind Map: Shah Widjaja

1. Future Interests

1.1. Work

1.1.1. Attend and participate in UX related conferences, locally as well as regionally

1.2. Other

1.2.1. Travel more to exotic destination such as Maldives

2. Expectations/Targets for Next 3 Months

2.1. Personal Development

2.1.1. UX evangelist in SG Description/Expectations would like to position myself as an expert in the field of User Experience in context of Singapore Action need to vocalize any thoughts of UX in form of blog posts as well as be involved in any activities locally that promote the practice of user experience Status - will need to proactively look UX related events that offer public speaking engagement - will need to write more in form of blog posts about UX practice

2.1.2. Public Speaking Description/Expectations overcome the fear of public speaking or presenting in general Action related to points made above, nothing beat practice. Need to improve on storytelling skill Status - Will look out for more speaking engagement in Singapore - Read up on books on storytelling and public speaking

2.1.3. Continuous improvement across UX disciplines Description/Expectations Continuous improvement of knowledge Action get myself diving deep into every aspect of User Experience; from theory to practice. This is achievable by constantly reading up on books/articles online related to UX One aspect of UX I'd like to get heavily involved in user testing. I had done it once for a pitch hence didn't go too deep into the planning and analyzing process Status always in progress

2.2. BLUE Development

2.2.1. Mature the UX practice within BLUE Description/Expectations Mature the UX practice w/in BLUE through: productization and more streamlined process of UX project approaches Action To complete UX productization within the Consulting service offering Evangelize UX practice through more informal discussion with relevant internal stakeholders, especially Engagement, Projects and Creative Status In progress

2.2.2. Expand UX team Description/Expectations Grow the UX team gradually from a person to 2 within the next 6 months Action will need to proactively look for opportunities w/in BLUE where UX can be sold as additional service Status at times will try, especially when fellow team members are looking for more information about the UX specific activities that could be bundled in

3. Past Experience

3.1. Education

3.1.1. Swinburne University of Technology !st Class Honours (Multimedia)

3.1.2. Swinburne University of Technology Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design)

3.2. Work

3.2.1. BLUE

3.2.2. Qais Consulting

3.2.3. XM Asia

3.2.4. PMG

3.2.5. The Upper Storey

3.2.6. The Swish Group

4. Current Key Skill Sets & Rating (scale of 5)

4.1. Analytical mind (4.5)

4.2. Interaction Design (4.5)

4.3. Information Architecture (4.5)

4.4. Visual Design (4.5)

4.5. User Experience Planning (4)

4.6. Design Research (3)

5. BLUE Work Summary

5.1. Start Date

5.1.1. 7 June 2010

5.2. Previous Reviews

5.2.1. Review 1 Date Expectations Challenges / Areas for Improvement

5.2.2. Review 2 Date Expectations Challenges/Areas for Improvement

5.3. Current Work

5.3.1. Role & Responsibility Monitor UX best practices & incorporate into the BLUE UX practices where applicable Continually update & develop the BLUE UX process Create UX deliverables, from design personas all the way through to wireframing and prototyping Deliver projects with the highest standard Sharing of knowledge through Learning lunch, team meeting and blog posts

5.3.2. Key Achievements UX learning lunch Consulting UX Productization (in progress) Delivering high quality work on time on multiple projects

5.3.3. Key Projects KCP revamp Description Involvement Timeframe Success Rating ENBD Description Involvement Timeframe Success Rating Barclays Cycle Description Involvement Timeframe Success Rating Consulting Productization Description Involvement Timeframe Success Rating Cerebos (Brandsworld revamp) Description Involvement Timeframe Success Rating

5.3.4. Challenges/Issues Project is scoped without understanding efforts required and the interdependencies between various activities Clients are not managed properly, resulting in scope creep Relationship between departments, those especially key to the UX practice (creative and tech) have not been forged to an ideal state. Still feel a strong disjoint My work seems to have stopped the moment I've created the final wireframes. There's no effort to get me involved to ensure what was proposed are done correctly Really dislike current sitting arrangement, in a high traffic area. More interruptions (intended or unintended, directly and indirectly) a mono tasker, like to focus on one thing at a time and will not sacrifice quality for the sake of keeping it on time

6. Review Details

6.1. Purpose of Review: (Confirmation/Annual/Promotion/Merit)

6.2. Review by: James Dutton

6.3. Date of Review: 7 December 2010

6.4. Propose for any adjustment/increment:

6.5. Adjustment/Increment effective from: