Sibling Abuse

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Sibling Abuse by Mind Map: Sibling Abuse

1. "Kids don't know the seriousness of it They'll learn when they get older."

1.1. LEVEL NEEDED TO REPORT: Age difference and consistency of touching or sexual activity. Ignores warnings.

1.1.1. Children need to learn at an early age that this behavior is unacceptable. Age does make a difference in their understanding of their actions.

2. Emotional Abuse

2.1. It's just name calling. He has to toughen up.

2.2. "He's a wimp. It's good for him."

2.3. Bullying is part of growing up.

2.3.1. LEVEL NEEDED TO REPORT: Severity of language and consistency of emotional/verbal abuse. Use of threats.

3. Ideas

3.1. Idea 1

3.2. Idea 2

3.3. Idea 3

4. Physical Abuse

4.1. "It's just a phase. They'll grow out of it."

4.2. "Every brother gets aggressive"

4.3. "He doesn't know his own strength. He doesn't mean anything by it."

4.4. LEVEL NEEDED TO REPORT: Any physical abuse is concerning. Open handed slap, I'll deal with it. Full fist punch, call the parents. Weapons involved, call the police.

4.4.1. Physical abuse is completely unacceptable and not to be tolerated. There are different levels of it, so I would act based on the severity.

5. Sexual Abuse

5.1. "They are just curious."

5.2. "They are just playing doctor."