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JSE park by Mind Map: JSE park

1. Timeline

1.1. 8h30 - 9h FREE TALK AND GAMES

1.1.1. Tasks Contact + members' Info Truc Water + fund - Trang Jhi Game Lead: Tam Support: A Phong; A Nguyen

1.1.2. Game NAME: Go shopping RULE: We will start with the sentence: "I go to the Market to buy ...". If fail, you must "Quy"

1.2. 9h-9h15 DISCUSSING

1.2.1. Divided into team 3 teams, about 5 people in a team team 1: Truc + A Nguyen Team 2: Tam + Trang Jhi Team 3: Phong

1.2.2. Put challenge Make profit (Sell or exchange) 5 pens in 2 hours with the price as possible as you can Set time: 11h15 gather at New world Goal: Test and experience your English skill in real situation.

1.2.3. Prepare mission in a paper

1.3. 9h15 - 11 h15 CHALLENGE

1.3.1. Leaders' missions: Discussing about team's Strategy Assign the tasks Camera man leader cashier Document man Inspire the motivation **** Define your goal

1.4. 11h15 - 11h45 TELL THE STORY

1.4.1. Discussing in small group Your result What you learned What you need to improve Your selling strategy Tell your funny and sad stories while selling

1.4.2. Sharing Each group stand up and share for everyone what you discuss and experience.

1.4.3. EXPLAINING THE END Mr Phong Why?


2.1. The limit time: 9h15 - 11h15

2.2. Rule

2.2.1. Use English to sell 5 pens with price as possible you  can (high price / low price even no price). all of money you sell is fundraising for charity or you can use for any goal you want

2.3. Goal

2.3.1. Improve your English Comunication

2.3.2. Learning selling skill

2.3.3. become more confident

2.3.4. How to work in team

2.3.5. making friend

3. Prepare

3.1. Mission's paper

3.2. Water

3.3. pen to profit

3.3.1. 1 box

3.4. Paper + pen