Music Industry

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Music Industry by Mind Map: Music Industry

1. Blogs

2. Record Company President

2.1. Executive Vice President

2.1.1. Vice President of Marketing National Marketing Director regional marketing director Director of advertising advertising executives Vice President of Sales National Sales Director Director of merchandising Merchandising staff

2.1.2. Vice President of artist relations & development artist relations and development director Artist relations and development reps

2.1.3. Vice President of press relations or publicity director of publicity staff publicists

2.1.4. Vice President in charge of Promotion director of promotion regional promotion directors

2.1.5. Vice President in charge of a&r a&r director a & r coordinator

2.2. Legal affairs director or vp on legal affairs

2.2.1. Staff Attorneys

2.3. vp in charge of finance or business affairs

2.3.1. Staff Acountants

3. Record Label

4. Artist

4.1. Booking Agent

4.2. Manager

5. Consumers

6. Internet

6.1. Social Media

7. Music Publishers

8. Songwriter/Composer/Producer

9. Event Promoters

9.1. Ticketing Services

10. Music Media

11. Music Providers

11.1. Streaming Services

11.1.1. Spotify

11.1.2. Youtube

11.2. Online Retail

11.2.1. Itunes

11.2.2. Beatport

11.3. Record Stores

11.3.1. Hmv