Pre-Assessment Results

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Pre-Assessment Results by Mind Map: Pre-Assessment Results

1. Students with general knowledge

1.1. Paired with group that consists of experienced students and students with little or no experience

1.2. Further Assessments

1.2.1. Individual duties to explore concepts that student needs to increase knowledge Vocabulary definitions and examples provided Active participation in daily activity

1.2.2. Daily journal entries student will answer specific questions and reflect on what was learned each day and how it can be applied to their group's routine

2. Experienced Students

2.1. Teacher will select these students to be leaders within different groups

2.2. Presented with more challenging tasks

2.2.1. Organize group's ideas

2.2.2. Develop a plan of action to complete assignment

2.3. Assist less experience students with vocabulary, movement building, and performance qualities

2.4. Students will submit daily reflection about process of working with their group

2.5. Further Assessment

2.5.1. Leadership abilities (daily group activities)

2.5.2. Quality of journal entries

2.5.3. Overall quality of routine produced

3. Students with no prior knowledge

3.1. Further Assessments

3.1.1. Daily journal entries Teacher will check for development of daily concepts Student will reflect on what elements from each day's lesson that were easy and/or difficult. Teacher will respond in journal.

3.1.2. Student will be paired with a group consisting of experienced students and semi-experienced students These students will discuss new concepts with their peers and develop concepts one at a time

3.1.3. Provide student with extra assignments to build vocabulary