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Characters by Mind Map: Characters

1. Jessica

1.1. Depressed that she could not run again in the morning p63

2. Fiona

2.1. treat Jessica as a family member p92

3. Ms.  Rucker

3.1. Very strict with Jessica p105

4. Shandall Norwood

4.1. sophomore student. p94

4.2. 100 meters athlete p94

5. Mr. Aloi

5.1. warm heart p97

6. Mr. Vedder

6.1. Warm heart p99

7. Kyro

7.1. Helped Jessica a lot p102

7.2. Ex solve insurance problems p103

8. Rosa

8.1. she was born with cerebral palsy. p107

9. Gavin

9.1. He really cares about Jessica.p109

10. Merryl

10.1. always stay with Gavin p109

11. Kaylee

11.1. Jessica thinks she is a civility girl. p66

11.2. Jessica feels a little strange p66

12. Dr.Wells

13. Claudia Steel

13.1. Hair's long and sleek with subtle highlights p164

13.2. a little familiar p164

14. Vanessa

15. Sherlock

15.1. always good, faithful company p63