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Rocks by Mind Map: Rocks

1. Rock that has formed through solidification of sediment, especially sediment transported by water rivers, lakes, and oceans, ice glaciers ), and wind

2. Shale:a rock of fissile or laminated structure formed by the consolidation of clay

3. Dolomite: is a very common miniral.

4. Limestone:  a sedimentary rock consisting predominantly of calcium carbonate

5. Sandstone: a common sedimentary rock consisting of sand, usually quartz, cemented together by various substances, as silica, calcium carbonate, iron oxide, or clay.

6. Metamorphic

6.1. rocks forming from changes within existing rocks, by extreme pressure from weather ext, temperature, and chemical activity.

6.1.1. Kyanite Mica: Calcite:a white or colorless mineral consisting of calcium carbonate. Marble: a hard crystalline, typically white with streaks of color, that is capable of taking a polish and is used in sculpture and architecture ways mostly.

6.2. Pyrite: Pyrite is a replacement for mineral in fossils.

6.2.1. Quartz: Quartz is the second-most-abundant mineral in Earth's continental crust, after feldspar.

6.3. Garnet

6.3.1. Gneiss

6.4. Schist

7. Gypsum:: gypsum contains calcium, sulfur bound to oxygen, and water.

8. Sedimentary

9. Quartzite: a granular metamorphic rock consisting essentially of quartz in interlocking grains.

10. Igneous

10.1. Rocks that have solidified from a molten state.

10.1.1. Plutonic igneous rocks: Rock that was originally lava, hot magma that reached the surface of the earth before it hardened. Granite Peridotite

10.1.2. Volcanic igneous rocks: Rock from magma rising up from deep under the earth's crust, and solidifies as it cools before it reaches the earth's surface. Obsidian Basalt