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1. Amy will do this because she is good at talking to people and finding information

2. Insperation

2.1. Teachers

2.1.1. Other people (students)

2.2. other artists

2.2.1. Paul Soldner Ceramics

2.3. about a page

2.4. this will be fully detailed and take about 3 lessons.

3. 2D work

3.1. Still Life

3.2. Drawings

3.2.1. food Shell's

3.3. 1-2 pages

3.4. Photos and videos

3.5. a lot of work is to be done. 2 lessons maximum.

3.6. Damian will do this because he is brilliant at drawing

4. Techniques

4.1. cross hatch

4.1.1. Using clay

4.1.2. criss cross pattern

4.2. pencil Techniques

4.2.1. Soft

4.2.2. Hard

4.2.3. Short strokes

4.2.4. Long strokes

4.3. Clay glue

4.3.1. Pot of wet clay with water Mix up and glue together using cross hatch

4.4. Photos and videos

4.5. 4-5 pages

4.6. this will take an awfully long time and be very detailed

4.7. Amy will do this as she is a fast at typing and will get it done fast

5. 3D work

5.1. Sculptures

5.1.1. Clay

5.2. 1-2 pages

5.3. Drawings

5.4. this will be fairly simple and include some of our work. taking about half a lesson

5.5. Amy will do this as she got a good grade on her sculpture

6. colour code

6.1. Orange

6.1.1. damian

6.2. purple

6.2.1. amy

6.3. Green

6.3.1. Done

7. Blog

7.1. Talk about the art work

7.2. Amys blog

7.3. damians blog


7.5. we will talk about what we did every lesson and it would take up about 3 minuets of every lesson

7.6. we will both do this

8. gallery

8.1. pictures of:

8.1.1. Paul soldner

8.1.2. pupils

8.1.3. our work

8.2. videos

8.2.1. step by step guide

8.2.2. techniques

8.3. this is very simple and will just have pictures and maybe videos

8.4. Damian will do this as he is good with photos