Goldsten Chapter's 6 & 7

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Goldsten Chapter's 6 & 7 by Mind Map: Goldsten Chapter's 6 & 7

1. What's So Funny about Rape?

1.1. Rape was downplayed

1.1.1. Soneca said Anita had already lost her virginity so "it didn't hurt hardly at all" Soneca minimized her trauma

1.2. Rape is met by the women with an absurd humor

1.2.1. Women do not stand rapists or create organized responses Results of their distrust and fear of police

1.3. Differences between popular and elite cultures on sexuality existed since the 20th century

1.4. Women sometimes become violent in these situations

1.4.1. They don't have any legal recourse in negotiations with men, gangs, and criminals

1.5. It's difficult for younger women who were not virgins to meet the court standard of an "honest" woman to win a rape case

1.5.1. Courts have anachronistic understandings of class, gender and sexuality

2. Partial Truths, or the Carnivalization of Desire

2.1. Presence of machismo  is naturalized and normalized

2.1.1. Men and women participate

2.2. Sexual life in Brazil is a central issue at social and cultural levels

2.2.1. A key to the peculiar nature of Brazilian reality Sexuality is a key metaphor used by Cariocas in everyday language and aspects of social life

2.3. O Amor Natural; the documentary film by Heddy Honigmann

2.3.1. Explored different individual views of erotic writings

2.3.2. Discussed elements of Rio's diverse population and Brazilians' view of their bodies

2.4. Sexuality is difficult for women because of the Carioca identity

2.4.1. Carioca speaks of a sensual and tropical sexuality, triumphed in Brazilian carnivalized desire

2.5. Brazil's self-promote an image of an eroticized tropical paradise

2.5.1. Sexual permissiveness and sex-positiveness capture important aspects of local culture