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QUEBEC SOVEREIGNTY (Provincial Issue) by Mind Map: QUEBEC SOVEREIGNTY (Provincial Issue)

1. WHO

1.1. The Parti Québécois has long led the fight for separation of the French-speaking part of Canada from the rest of the country.

1.2. The Bloc Quebecois stand for the protection of quebecs views int the house of commons and the sovereignty of quebec

1.3. the rest of the country/ majority of the people dont want this to happen

2. white boxes are for Quebec sovereignty normal boxes are against Quebec sovereignty


3.1. The Idea/ want that Quebec should separate from the rest of Canada and become a separate country


4.1. 1970, the question of separatism for Quebec has roiled the country. Quebec

4.2. the idea is brought up every now and then but the separatist have never had the majority vote


5.1. Quebec and the rest of Canada

6. WHY

6.1. Quebec/ Canadian relationships will become worse

6.2. Canada's populations will decrease

6.2.1. less taxes

6.2.2. less professional athletes ( a lot of them are quebecers) - will do bad in olympics

6.3. might cause other provinces to wan to leave

6.4. quebec has not currency, passport, companies or allies of its own

6.4.1. it cannot stand on its own

6.5. Canada will fight to keep controll over its reasources

6.5.1. we won'e let QC take our energy and natural reasouces

6.5.2. we Invest a lot of money into Quebec's infrastructure and tourism, agricultural and other industries

6.6. Quebec would have to share the national debt

6.7. This will upset the aboriginal community of QC

6.7.1. The 10 First Nations and the Inuit communities number 141,915 people and account for approximately 2%

6.8. Quebec can have its own laws, culture and language

6.8.1. they no longer associate completly with England, France or Canada

6.9. French can be a first language there

6.10. Canada will be free of constant french complaints

6.11. international credit rating will go down/ foreign investor will lose faith in Canada when we argue about how we will divide the country

6.12. travel will be harder with a giant whole in the country ( how will you get to Atlantian Canadians except through Quebec)

7. HOW

7.1. have a referendum again

7.2. win majority vote

7.3. start the negotiations over EVERYTHING has to be changed for both Canada and Quebec

7.4. declare independence from Canada

7.4.1. can truly be considered a country if they had a seat in the United Nations ( wining international respect)


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