Carizon Family and Community Services

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Carizon Family and Community Services by Mind Map: Carizon Family and Community Services

1. Vision

1.1. Hope

1.2. Wellness

1.3. Community

2. Goal

2.1. It's goal is to improve the future of families and children through programs that are supportive, therapeutic and preventative.

3. Values

3.1. - Every person has potential

3.2. - Each person is important to the community.

3.3. - Communities that are welcoming and inclusive to everyone, regardless of their background, culture or life experience.

3.4. - Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect.

4. Carizon Family and Community Services provide an integrated approach to delivering community services focusing on children's mental health, youth engagement and development, counselling for children and their families, settlement supports and overall wellness.

5. Carizon addresses cultural diversity by supporting newcomers to the Waterloo Region by:

5.1. - Respecting the dignity and independence of people with disabilities.

5.2. - Allowing all individuals, including those with disabilities, access to services in the same place and in the same way as others.

6. Some of the Services and Programs for Students and their Families That Address Cultural Diversity

6.1. Promise of Partnership Program

6.1.1. - Provides mental health supports to refugees settling in the Kitchener-Waterloo community.

6.1.2. - Provides support and advocacy for these families, including arts-based youth workshops, well-being workshops, one-to-one counselling to deal with trauma, and access to community resources,

6.2. Front Door Program

6.2.1. - A program that is available for young people of all backgrounds, focusing on building and sustaining mental wellness.

6.2.2. -Assists children with behaviour, troubles at school and with peers, conflicts at home, unsafe activities, and mental health diagnosis.

6.3. Zero2Six Program

6.3.1. -This program occurs in the home, supporting children from all backgrounds, in developing positive social, emotional, behavioural and mental health challenges.

6.3.2. -The worker assists families in setting goals, developing skills, and making changes in regards to a child's emotional regulation, social skills, and behaviour management.

6.4. Parents and Preschoolers Program

6.4.1. - This program focuses on improving the school readiness of children who are about to enter Kindergarden, through activities and instruction on enhancing learning at home.

6.4.2. - It is offered in neighbourhoods around Waterloo Region, where the families may not have English as their first language.

7. Access to Carizon

7.1. -First walk-in counselling session is free

7.2. Appointments are available on a first come basis.

7.3. Visit the website at:

7.4. Telephone: 519-741-1122

8. Carizon supports Culturally Responsive Pedagogy through:

8.1. - Trying to removing barriers to student achievement and well-being that could be  associated with ethnicity, race, family-structure, socio-economic status, and mental health.

8.2. - Assisting students in the development of cultural competence through the above programs.

8.3. - Working to build strong relationships with children and their families, promoting respect between the home and school.

8.4. - Building on a child's prior knowledge, strengths, interests, and learning styles to scaffold new learning in a new culture.

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