cyber bullying

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cyber bullying by Mind Map: cyber bullying

1. ways of committing cyber bullying

1.1. you can commit cyber bullying bey many ways a few of them are:                                                     -by making fun of someone thought the internet.                                                                               - by sharing an unflattering picture of someone without their permission.                                       - by insulting or telling mean comments to someone online.

2. consequences:

2.1. some of the consequences on cyber bullying are:                                                                      -cause that the person you are cyber bullying fell insecure.                                                       - depression on the person being bullying       - the person being bullying can be psychological affected.                                      -the person who is being bullying can get away of any social interaction thanks to the trauma.

3. strategies to stop cyber bullying:

3.1. 1. start teaching the kids in a young age of cyber bullying and the damage that it cause so they will realize that is not good to cyber bullying someone.                                                2. help the kids to be more confident about there self so if they get cyber bullying if wont affect them, and cause the bullying maker see that it dont affect them it will stop cause it wont be funny anymore.                                                3.if someone in being cyber bullying tell an adult so they can stop the bullying maker.

4. advice

4.1. 1. dont get the things that they are saying to affect you cause you are better that them          2. the bullying makers must be really lonely and  desperate if they waste they time trying to make you fell bad about your self.                       3. ignore them.