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Buntep 2 by Mind Map: Buntep 2

1. Participant

1.1. Julie

1.2. Glen

1.3. Shannon

1.4. Sam

1.5. Candice

1.6. Malleri

1.7. David

1.8. Renata

1.9. sheila

1.10. Mary

1.11. Ashley

1.12. Lance

2. Assessment Rubrics

2.1. Podcast

2.1.1. Introduction Who are you and why are you doing this. How does this thingy work? Play Pause,rewind download Tell them what you are going to tell them

2.1.2. Body Tell them.... Content

2.1.3. Conclusion Tell them what you told them Tell them where they can get more information Give credit if you have used somebody else's ideas.

2.2. Blog

2.2.1. Twitter hashtag Daily Tweets follow

2.2.2. commenting on other blogs

2.2.3. Daily Blogs

2.3. Skype

2.3.1. video calling

2.3.2. Text Chat Chat history

2.3.3. Adding and managing contacts

2.3.4. Group Chats

2.3.5. Setting your Skype status Text before you call Let people know if you are available

2.3.6. Desktop Sharing Finding the controls when you are in a video conversation Sizing the screen share.

2.4. Video

2.4.1. Introduction Explain what it is you are going to do

2.4.2. Body Present your information

2.4.3. Conclusion Conclude your video

2.4.4. Jing Introduction Totally Cool! Body Explain and present you information Conclusion Conclude your presentation by explaining why you chose your topic with a brief summary

2.4.5. Rubric

2.4.6. YouTube YouTubeSocial create your own videos

2.5. Wiki

2.5.1. Content Relevance

2.6. Google reader

2.6.1. Add Subscriptions Subscription allows instant viewing on blog entries

2.6.2. Google Documents

2.6.3. Online Collaboration

2.7. Google Calender

3. Educational Videos

3.1. Bridge Building


4. Concept Map