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CyberBullying by Mind Map: CyberBullying

1. Consequences of cyber-bullying

1.1. Stress

1.1.1. Because the people can't support that situations

1.2. Suicide

1.2.1. Because they can't live with that images and that daily harassment

1.3. Fights

1.3.1. Because they want to solute the problems with fists.

2. Strategies to stop cyber-bullying

2.1. To sue the cyberbully

2.2. Talk with the parents

2.3. shows to the bully your hassle

3. Ways of committing cyber-bullying

3.1. Send personal photos and videos of antoher person

3.2. Threat another person with personal information

3.3. Publish some video of a person without the permise

4. Advice for people who suffer from this problem

4.1. The live is valuable

4.2. The depression is not the option

4.3. Always exist people that love you