Our Inquiry Questions

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Our Inquiry Questions by Mind Map: Our Inquiry Questions

1. Pollution

1.1. Why do we need so many nuclear plants for power when we have other sources? - Blake H

1.2. What percentage of radiation kills animals and people? - Ethan

1.3. How does radiation affect the environment? - Bella

1.4. How does green house gas affect the air? - Amy-May

1.5. What are some other materials people could use instead of plastic? - Ryleigh

1.6. Is fire polluting the environment and why? - Izzy

1.7. What are the alternatives to wrapping our food in plastic? -Tameeka

2. Problems for animals

2.1. What are the alternatives to using animals or animal products for human purposes?  - Rydar

2.2. Why do humans have so many unecessary pets? - Max

2.3. Why do we cage animals and take them away from their environment? - Hamish

2.4. Why do people take animal tusks and horns? - Boston

2.5. Why do birds migrate and how to humans affect this? - Mia

2.6. What are the problems that we make for dogs? - Morgan

2.7. Why do we destroy animal's habitats? - Sarah

2.8. Why do we take horses to slaughter? - Emma

2.9. Why do we destroy animal's lives and habitats? - Alissa

2.10. How do birds navigate their way and how do humans affect this? - Bonnye

2.11. Why do we destroy animal habitats? - Kristal

2.12. Why do we destroy animals habitats? - Maria-Tilly

2.13. What kinds of waste do pets make and how can we minimise it? - Raurati

3. Destroying the environment

3.1. Why did we decide to redirect roads? - Thomas

3.2. Why do we need to destroy animal habitats for our benefit? - Blake W

3.3. How do power stations destroy the environment?  - Azhar

3.4. Why do humans need so much stuff? - Taulama

3.5. Why do choose to make so many roads? - Cody

3.6. Why do we need so much wood that deforestation is a problem?  Ashton

3.7. Why do we need to destroy homes for animals? - Matthew S