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Apps by Mind Map: Apps

1. These apps have been used by previous students. Inclusion in this list does not imply endorsement.

1.1. Specific Populations

1.1.1. Older youth Triangle of Life (For very young kids) Mind Shift - Anxiety for teens/young adults

1.2. Know B4U Go

1.3. SW Podcasts

1.4. For social worker

1.5. In Social Work

1.6. Daily Yoga

1.6.1. Social work podcast

1.6.2. Need: Menstruation app for middle school-aged girls. Girls want them but the commercially available apps are geared towards adults

1.6.3. Free

1.6.4. Physical Health Exercise Map My Fitness/Map my walk Pay Nutrition Water Water time pro Vegan Amino (Recipes/Social media-ish) Water log Weight loss 8fit Lose it Pay Lost it ($3.99 per month) Free Map My Fitness Body Space weight lifting for men/boys Daily Yoga Trauma VA's PTSD Coach

1.6.5. Body Space weight lifting for men/boys

1.6.6. The Savvy Social worker

1.6.7. Podsocs

1.7. Medical

1.7.1. Pay FitBit

1.8. CBT-specfic

1.8.1. VA's suite CBT-I

1.8.2. Stop, Breathe and Think

1.8.3. Mindshift- for teens/young adults

1.8.4. SAM

1.8.5. Triangle of Life (For very young kids)

1.9. CBT Specific

1.10. Misc

1.10.1. Christian Pocket CBT (supported by the APA, $5 fee at download), Good reviews by four students.

1.10.2. Big Book Employee Employee

1.10.3. Recovery box 12 step

1.10.4. Sleep cycle

1.10.5. Rehapp - terrible reviews

1.10.6. Sleep pillow

1.10.7. I Do Notepad (journaling)

1.10.8. Rehapp

1.11. Young Children

2. psyberguide's list

3. Sleep

3.1. Fit Bit