Water Website

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Water Website by Mind Map: Water Website

1. blog

1.1. people can add notes

2. Colours

2.1. Background, differnt tones of blue,

2.2. writing, white or black or darker blue

3. quiz

3.1. so i can recive information about it

3.2. I can improve the website

4. pictures

4.1. related to water

4.2. water problems

5. Gadgets

5.1. anything to do with water

5.2. must be relevent

5.3. must make the website interactive

6. Facts

6.1. relevent

7. vidoes

7.1. so others can look at them

7.2. some people prefer videos

7.3. from youtube

7.4. only relevent ones

8. flash button

8.1. so the website looks more proffesional

9. links to charities

9.1. so the people who are intrested can help

10. games

11. for our age groups

11.1. the language must be understandable

11.2. must apeal to our age group

12. awarness

13. info on how you can help

13.1. so others can actually try and help

13.2. so im not just brining awarness but also giding people