Create Awesome Graphics for your next online course

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Create Awesome Graphics for your next online course by Mind Map: Create Awesome Graphics for your next online course

1. Getting Started

2. Choosing a LMS

3. Why you need awesome graphics!

4. Start creating without spending a $1

5. My recommended Tools and Resources

6. Understanding dimensions for your graphics

7. Finding FREE high quality images for your course

8. Taking your own photos (and why you don't need an expensive camera)

9. Using layering techniques

10. Taking Advantage of FREE templates

11. Free templates for thinkific headers, sales widgets and course cards

11.1. thinkific icon, udemy icon, teachable icon, microphone, desk, design software, canva, picmonkey..

12. Why awesome graphics improve sales

13. How to create awesome graphics without being artistic!!

14. Create animated Image files and Sales Widgets

15. Adding Decorative Graphics and Images

16. Using duplicate techniques to save time on your next course

17. Why course layout helps design better graphics

18. Optimizing your Graphics for Mobile Devices

19. Creating a Theme for your courses

20. Adding filters to your images for more impact

21. Creating a BRAND not just graphics

22. Creating your First Favicon

23. Creating your First Course Logo

24. Adding a blog to your course

25. Changing links to high impact graphics

26. Registering a .com domain name and adding it to your blog/course

27. Adding FAQ and About Us Pages with Perfect Graphics