Defending North America

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Defending North America by Mind Map: Defending North America

1. Fighting alongside the Americans with the Cuban crisis, helped Canadians feel like they had some sort of protection if a country tried to take them over.

2. Canada wanted to be a peace making country, and did not want to take part in the start of another war and did not want to go to war because another country forced it too.

3. It created a stronger alliance between Canada and the US

4. Some Canadians felt a little more secure knowing Canada had some sort of protection

5. The Scrapping of the Avro Arrow

6. Against

7. Canada's acceptance to Nuclear Weapons in 1963

8. Against

9. Canada wanted to be a peace making country

10. This led to a reelection and a minority government took over

11. Many Canadians feared that a nuclear war would lead to global suicide

12. Canada did not want another war

13. For

14. It provided protection and security if the USSR and the US declared war as Canada was in between.

15. Canada wanted to accept Nuclear weapons in order to meet the obligations of the NATO

16. The Avro Arrow was one of Canada's best fighter planes and it would have provided some extra security against the enemies.

17. Micheal Bliss wrote that A.V Canada was a disorganized company

18. Canada's ally, the US, would not have been to happy if Canada would have built the Avro Arrow

19. The Avro Arrow would have cost Canada lost of money that we did not really have.

20. The Avro Arrow would have allowed Canada to defend itself with less help from the Americans and other countries.

21. With this aircraft the Canadians could be more independant from other countries about defending herself.

22. Finkle and Conrad said that it cost so much that it was not even worth the Canadian Air force to buy.

23. The Avro Arrow was the most advanced fighter plane in the world at the time

24. Canada's Role in the Cuban Missile Crisis

25. Canadians wanted to honor the NORAD

26. About 80% of Canadians wanted to support the US

27. Canadians wanted to support the Americans, and if the Americans were going to war they wanted to go to war.

28. Against

29. The hesitation to send Canadian troops damaged the relation between Canada and the US

30. Canada's Prime Minister believed he was protecting Canada's Independence by not sending troops

31. For

32. Diefenbaker did not believe the pictures the US sent him and wanted the US to send a fact-finding mission

33. For