Pedagogical concerns for classroom practice.

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Pedagogical concerns for classroom practice. by Mind Map: Pedagogical concerns for classroom practice.

1. Teacher

1.1. sees the computer as a complementary tool

1.2. Software rarely takes the place of the teacher

2. Computer

2.1. as a virtual teacher

2.2. Computer programs

2.2.1. to help and guide teacher

2.2.2. comprehensive,effective and efficient teaching

3. Learners

3.1. become more autonomous

3.2. consider to the computer as a choice for learning

3.3. their trust depend on the model of instruction of the software

4. Software Objectives

4.1. between  a behaviorist or contructivist interface

4.2. Effective CALL environment

4.2.1. to be able to offer its learners different interfaces to accommodate

4.2.2. differentiate learning styles and needs

4.3. Good Strategies

4.3.1. to discuss with  students

4.3.2. come up with ideas about what they think they need in terms of language acquisition

4.3.3. Search for software that matches what students suggested

4.4. improve important task for teachers and learners

4.5. include the development of basic skills, reading, writing, speaking, listening.

4.6. Sub- categories includes micro skills, and vocabulary related to local and individual needs

4.7. Learners can be more closely involved in the decision-making process of what is taught and how it is taugh.

4.8. Creating mental maps, schemas, charts etc.

5. Making better use of existing Materials

5.1. A CALL collaborative environment has to be established

5.2. Environment must match social and interactive nature of CALL

5.3. Laptops and wireless connections are suggestions

5.4. The use of a large screen can help students to work together and the same time.

6. Establishing an environment where call may take place

6.1. CALL programs

6.1.1. When a CALL program is not suitable, learners and tecahers might examine ways in which it can be adapted.

6.1.2. The creation of manuals whit the most useful is beneficial to future learners

6.1.3. Another good way to use materials is create or add new challenging appropiate for the user

6.2. Learner and Teachers

6.2.1. Learners need to be able to reflect upon their learning

6.2.2. they can asses materials and their strategies to use them successfully

7. Made by Oscar Hernandez Daza