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The Olympics by Mind Map: The Olympics

1. History

1.1. What do the Olympics look like today?

1.1.1. Torch relay

1.1.2. The Special Olympics Inclusiveness Disability as diversity, something to celebrate

1.1.3. The Olympic rings

1.2. Of Greece

1.2.1. Olympian Gods/myths Storytelling circles with discussion Imagine our own stories with these gods/goddesses, fan fiction!

1.3. Australian history/notions of identity

1.3.1. Cathy Freeman as indigenous participant

1.4. Greek theatre and other forms of entertainment in Ancient Greece

2. Visual Arts

2.1. Create costumes from ancient world

2.1.1. Paper plate costume masks

2.2. Look at many different Olympic torches and design own

2.2.1. Perhaps about a country that we make up ourselves? A fantastical world!

2.3. Illustrating Greek myths

2.3.1. Creating our own picture books

2.4. Make our own gold medals for completion of the unit! Or to wear while completing unit; to make us feel like a team



3. Drama

3.1. Use costumes to stage a small class play set in Ancient Greece

3.1.1. Or, create costumes for our Olympic Games Olympic mascots

3.2. Hold a class Olympics at end of unit

3.2.1. Not traditional/competitive games! Focus on working with a team These teams can rotate so that students work with different peers Think of new sports; for example, egg and cup races


4. Dance

4.1. Watch some Olympic performances

4.1.1. Opening ceremony

4.1.2. Gymnastics, diving

4.1.3. Create our own class performance! Perhaps for our make-believe country

5. Geography

5.1. What did Olympia look like? The geography of Greece


5.2. What is Greece like today?

5.2.1. Look at pictures of ancient temples Create own temple dioramas


6. Music

6.1. Listen to Olympic theme songs

6.1.1. Replicate using cups/percussion

6.1.2. Discuss: what kinds of things do people think about when composing music for sports/motivation?