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Romeo and Juliet by Mind Map: Romeo and Juliet
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Romeo and Juliet


Daughter of the Capulets

13 years old

Is at first naive and innocent about love, but matures as she loves Romeo.

Doesn't have the same freedoms as Romeo, because she is of an aristocratic family and because she is a woman.

Her parents try to make her marry Paris, but instead she marries the son of their greatest enemies.

Devises a plan with the Friar when Romeo is exiled so she can escape marrying Paris. She takes a sleeping potion so she appears to be dead. This plan backfires and Romeo thinks she is dead, so he kills himself. She awakes to find him dead so she kills herself.


16 years old

Impulsive and immature at times

Idealistic and passionate

Not interested in the violent feud between the two families. His only interest is love.

Kills Tybalt during a fight in the streets after Mercutio is slain. He is exiled because of this.

He doesn't know Juliet has taken sleeping potion, so he thinks she's dead and he kills himself in her tomb.

Son of the Montagues

At first loves Rosaline but immediately falls in love with Juliet.

William Shakespeare

Born in Stratford-upon-Avon, England

Lived 1564-1616

The greatest playwright in the English language

Wrote over 54 plays and 138 sonnets

Other Characters

the friar




the Nurse

the Capulets

the Montagues

Prince Escalus

the Chorus

Literary Devices