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IrisLAB by Mind Map: IrisLAB

1. Development

1.1. Features

1.1.1. User Interface Proof of concept Panes

1.1.2. Snippets Can create categorized snippets Categories Tag snippet use

1.1.3. Smart Editor Mark Text Untitled Mark Snippet Select snippet category by selecting snippet transfer selected text TextSelection Popup Select Notes Section Reverse highlight from notes back to

1.1.4. Report Maker Add Photos Add Text Print to PDF Print to Printer

1.1.5. Tagger

1.1.6. Back end Database Tables

1.1.7. Trend Reporting Symptom Tracking Remedy tracking Practitioner's viewpoint Client's viewpoint

1.2. Iterations

1.2.1. 1 Proof of concept

1.2.2. 2 Smart Editor

1.2.3. 3 Snippets in database

1.2.4. 4 Enhanced editor

1.2.5. 5 Client records in database